Since 2014

The Family Central Restaurant provides a welcoming and wholesome atmosphere for both the local business community of downtown Aylmer and the families of greater Aylmer

The restaurant is devoted to bringing families together by having them converse meaningfully while sharing meals, which has been proven in many studies to improve children’s school performances, raise self-confidence and self-esteem, reduce delinquent behavior, and, finally, reduce the likelihood of alcohol and drug use among children and teenagers.

To encourage this crucial dynamic between family members, the Family Central is a no-Wi-Fi zone, and rewards patrons who refrain from using their mobile devices in the restaurant, with a 10% reduction on the bill, among other innovative and fun ideas.

The Family Central operates from the foundational principle that families who share meals together are healthier—physically, mentally, and spiritually—than families who infrequently share meals.

The first 3 years (approximately) will be spent mainly in building clientele, debt reduction, and in a partnership with the The Central Charity to complete the restoration of the historical building.

Once the restaurant is operationally stable, its revenues will be used to host programs involving and bettering the community. One of the programs The Family Central has in the works, is giving away a free meal to a family in need in our community.

Serving people food with excellence, in a family-focused environment.

Why Serve?

The founders and management of the Family Central are proud to be a part of the Aylmer and Elgin community. There are so many people that give so much to make the community as great as it is and we firmly believe that it takes everyone engaged and involved to build a great community.

We see the Family Central restaurant and the upcoming Family Central Apartments Project as our opportunity to serve the community. For us it is far more than a place to eat – for us it is our opportunity to be a small part of what makes our community great.

Our faith demands that our highest priority always be to love people and thus the restaurant strives to establish a workplace that people love to work in and one where they are valued. It is then those incredible employees that create an environment that people can come to and find encouragement, laughter, community, and of course some really great food!

How are we committed to Excellence?

From the moment we purchased The Central building, we have strived to do the project with excellence. Being from the community we recognize that the way we do this project reflects not just on us, but our whole community. Because of this we worked hard to design and create a beautiful restaurant that would allow us to best serve the community.

This desire to do things excellently has carried over into how the restaurant is managed and how the food is both prepared and served.

How are we Family-focused?

We offer family-focused and community events & activities and initiatives for enhanced family time during your meal.

Our Unplugged discount was created to inspire patrons to focus on building relationships and communication over a meal, instead of being distracted by electronics. We have also ensured a distraction-free environment by purposely not placing TV’s in our dining area nor offering Wi-Fi. Instead, we offer Lego for young diners to stay entertained during the wait time and interact with their family members.

Another family-focused decision was to play easy listening, mainly instrumental music, for our every day dining. We occasionally have live musicians play for over dinnertime or special events, which brings a whole new atmosphere to the place.


The Central Charity partnering with The Family Central Restaurant, will administer external and after-hours on-site programming, that supports family-building initiatives. Using the restaurant facilities in off-hours and other space within the building, the Family Central will direct and/or coordinate a variety of family-friendly programs in partnership with local area churches, other non-profits, and groups that endorse our family-first initiatives.

Core Values


We are committed to quality and excellence, and foster the discipline required for lifelong improvement.


We are ever mindful of the community whom we serve and remain responsive to the needs of all who enter our doors.


We believe that all people can be transformed—despite circumstances—and that everyone has the God-granted capacity to learn, change, and be renewed.

We invite you to come and visit us

The Central Inc.
62 Talbot Street East
Aylmer, ON
N5H 1H4

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11:30AM - 3:00PM
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